What Does Severe Anxiety Look Like?

No matter to what degree of anxiety you suffer from, overcoming the challenges posed by an anxiety disorder is always a difficult task. That being said, it can be helpful when you are trying to understand the best methods to treat and manage your anxiety if you can gauge just how severe your particular disorder is.

Understanding what severe anxiety looks like can be difficult, as different levels of anxiety will have varying effects on each individual. However, if you are trying to discern just where you are with your anxiety, there are some clear signs that will indicate if you are in fact suffering from severe anxiety.

Understanding Mild Anxiety

More people experience some form of mild anxiety than you would think. Since the symptoms can range from the physical to the mental, it is hard to figure out exactly at what point one might transition from a mild to a more serious case of anxiety. Generally speaking, though, if you experience some level of discomfort or uneasiness as a result of certain situations, you, like so many others, probably have a mild form of anxiety.

Because this degree of anxiety doesn’t typically debilitate you, it is the easiest one to manage on a day-to-day basis. However, if you begin to feel that the mental and physical symptoms are becoming too much to bear, you might have a higher degree of anxiety.

The Signs of Moderate Anxiety

If your anxiety symptoms are to a degree that you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by them in certain situations, you likely have moderate anxiety. Another sign that your anxiety is at a moderate level is that you are literally unable to focus on anything other than the source of your anxiety when confronted with it. You cannot pull your mind to a calmer place and are thus more susceptible to anxiety attacks.

Those who feel that they have moderate anxiety should take steps to prevent the condition from getting worse. Sometimes this isn’t in your control, but there are certain treatment options available to moderate anxiety sufferers that can help them keep their anxiety levels under control and stop them from growing more severe.

Severe Anxiety

The worst form of anxiety is classified as severe anxiety. The onset of a panic attack wherein you are completely unable to rationalize your situation and cope with the sense of fear and panic is a clear indicator of severe anxiety.

The physical symptoms here will become frightening as well, often leading people to feel as though they are having a heart attack. This will only lead to more panic and further difficulty in bringing yourself out of your panicked state. A pounding heart, numbness in your extremities, and the feeling of being about to pass out are typical accompanying symptoms to severe anxiety.

Those with severe anxiety should take steps to seek medical help in managing their disorder. Overcoming severe anxiety is a challenge and a journey, but it is certainly not impossible when you give yourself the right resources and help.

Treating Anxiety

Regardless of your level of anxiety, you have treatment options. The most recent option is the stellate ganglion block injection for anxiety treatment, and it has shown very positive results.

The SGB shot for anxiety treatment consists of an injection of local anesthesia administered on the stellate ganglion, a cluster of nerves on the neck. This cluster is part of the body’s sympathetic nervous system and triggers the “fight or flight” instinct in the brain. People who suffer from anxiety have an overactive stellate ganglion that constantly sends “fight or flight” signals to the brain, overwhelming it. The more overactive the cluster of nerves, the stronger the anxiety.

The stellate ganglion block for anxiety therapy (SGB) helps quiet the stellate ganglion. To accomplish this, the procedure is performed while guided by X-ray, ensuring that the anesthetic is placed on the proper spot. Results are usually quick; the SGB injection for anxiety often relieves symptoms in as little as 30 minutes.

The results of SGB for anxiety and depression can last for years. Once its effects subside, it can be re-applied by a PTSD doctor near you. The injection for anxiety relief has a high success rate, meaning that the reapplication has a very high chance of working as well as before.

To find out what your options for anxiety help are, seek out a clinic that offers the SGB for anxiety near you.

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