Ignore the Stigma of PTSD

How to Ignore the Stigma of PTSD

Many more people may find that they could get help with their mental health issues, including PTSD, if they were able to get around the stigma that surrounds these conditions. No matter what strides the world has taken forward in order to combat these problems and become more aware of them, the fact is that stigma still exists in some places, and it can be highly detrimental to everyone.

Is it possible to ignore the stigma that surrounds PTSD and other mental health conditions? It would be wonderful to say that it is possible for everyone, but not all sufferers are able to ignore these problems and it can make them more ill than they were before — although it must be said that some are more able to ignore other people and focus on their own path.

If you want to ignore stigma but are having trouble doing so, then working with that stigma might be a better option; not only will you grow, but you can help those around you to as well.

Embrace Your Pain

One way to ignore or push aside the stigma that surrounds PTSD is to embrace the pain you are suffering in relation to it. This can be extremely hard, and should only be done with a therapist’s help, but re-living and talking through the experience that caused your PTSD in the first place can be therapeutic. It can also reveal your own anger issues and any problems you may be having socially.

It might be these, rather than the mental illness itself, that is causing people to treat you a certain way. Once you can embrace your pain and discover how you really are due to the trauma, you can work on fixing those issues first, and make it easier to interact with those around you. When you can do that, the stigma will disappear.

Explain Your Condition

The stigma that surrounds PTSD most often stems from misunderstanding and confusion. When someone only knows half the story, they will fill in the blanks themselves and this will, more often than not, lead to getting the wrong information and not understanding what PTSD really is and how it can affect people.

If you can take the time to explain your condition to others, let them know how it makes you feel, perhaps even go into why you are suffering in the first place (although don’t make yourself unwell re-living the trauma if you don’t want or need to), then they will understand better and the stigma will be removed. The more people that understand, the more they can help and the less afraid they will be.

Keep Calm

Sometimes it is impossible to teach people something — or explain something — without causing yourself harm due to the condition you are suffering from. In this case, you need to take a step back and truly attempt to block out those who are dealing with the stigma of PTSD.

You can do this by keeping as calm as possible. Use meditation, yoga, music, reading, a walk in the woods, or anything else that will center you and keep you on the right track. 

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