SGB and Erectile Dysfunction

Stellate Ganglion Block and Erectile Dysfunction

Stellate Ganglion Block and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence) is when a male is unable to have or maintain an erection, or when they are unable to ejaculate. There are a variety of causes of erectile dysfunction (ED), and the chances of men being affected by the condition grow as they age. There are both physical and emotional causes of impotence, and an estimated 30 million Americans experience ED. The main causes of ED are:

  • Endocrine diseases such as diabetes
  • Side effects of medication
  • High cholesterol or cardiac conditions
  • Unhealthy lifestyle and emotional disorders

Similarly, erectile dysfunction can also be due to stress and depression. That means that stellate ganglion blocks (SGBs) can be a potential treatment option for those that suffer from impotence due to PTSD.

Regular Erectile Dysfunction

With both physical and psychological reasons for ED, it can be a challenge to identify the best types of treatment. However, one of the most common methods for evaluating whether impotence is caused by a physiological or psychological issue is identifying if the patient experiences nocturnal or morning erections. If a man does experience those erections then there is a higher chance that the reasons for their erectile dysfunction are psychological. For these patients, the source of their psychological stress must be treated first. 

Erectile Dysfunction and PTSD

For those suffering from PTSD, erectile dysfunction is very common. The stellate ganglion block is a new treatment option that can help to cure the debilitating symptoms of PTSD, including anxiety. Although the SGB treatment for PTSD is not guaranteed to treat erectile dysfunction, it may actually help to improve performance in the bedroom by decreasing levels of stress and anxiety.

SGBs and Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual response is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. That system includes the stellate ganglion. This has lead to the use of stellate ganglion blocks for the treatment of impotence caused by neurological disorders. 

Erectile dysfunction tends to be caused by slight alterations in the blood flow into the penis. What that means is that when a man’s penis is flaccid, the muscle walls of the erectile tissue are contracted. Relaxation of these muscles results in an erection as the muscle walls and arteries dilate, controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system. 

Just as SGBs can be used to treat anorgasmia in men and women, the treatment can be used to positively affect the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, allowing for easier blood flow to the penis and the erectile tissue. If SGB treatment is repeated, then there is a high likelihood of extended restoration of previously lost sexual function.

Erectile dysfunction can change lives and have a dramatic and negative effect on a man’s self-esteem or the self-esteem of their sexual partners. However, it is now a very treatable condition. Although many of the treatments available for ED will require a lifestyle change, stellate ganglion blocks do not. 

If your doctor has confirmed that your erectile dysfunction is being caused by a nerve disorder or neurological issue, then an SGB could be the solution that you’ve been looking for. A safe treatment that can have a dramatic effect on your sex life and your self-esteem, SGBs could be the key to a healthy sex life that you previously thought was unobtainable.

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