PTSD Helplines

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PTSD Helplines You Can Call

If you have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), you’ll know that at some points in the day, whatever you might be doing, no matter if you’re not even thinking about your issue or triggers, you might suddenly have the need to talk to someone. Whether you’re going through a crisis or you simply want to talk a couple of things through, the need is the same.

Since PTSD is becoming a much better recognized condition, there are a number of helplines you can call that will give you direct access to someone who will want to and be able to listen to you.

Whether you want to talk for hours or barely want to speak a word, you can hear a friendly voice after dialing these helplines. We have put the details for some of these helplines below. Please use them and never be afraid to ask for help or to talk through your feelings with someone.

National Suicide Prevention Helpline

For some people living with PTSD, suicidal thoughts can become something that really takes over their every waking moment. Even if it’s not a constant thought, when those dark ideas come to you, having someone to talk to and listen about how you are feeling, someone who understands exactly what you are going through and who is able to give you the help you are desperately looking for, is crucial.

This helpline will save lives and can be contacted on (800) 273-TALK (8255). It is for both young people and adults, so if you are having suicidal thoughts, then no matter where you are in life, calling this number can help you.

Disaster Distress Hotline (SAMHSA)

Some forms of PTSD are very specific; they relate to one terrible moment or set of circumstances that are fixed within the sufferer’s mind, and that cannot be forgotten. Not only can they not be forgotten, but they cause many different types of mental and emotional distress.

If the event that caused and triggered your PTSD was a disaster of some sort, then the Disaster Distress Hotline is going to be an excellent choice when thinking about which helpline you might want to get in touch with. 

The people operating the phones at this helpline will know just how and why a disaster – no matter the size or who it might have affected – can cause so many ongoing issues for people, and they will be happy to talk. Call (800) 985-5990 if this sounds like the kind of place you need to get in touch with.

Lifeline Crisis Chat

Of course, not everyone is comfortable making a phone call and talking to a stranger. Some people prefer not to use phones at all. This is where the Lifeline Crisis Chat system comes in. It is the first such chat service of its kind, allowing people all across the United States to access an online chat with specialists who can offer support and guidance where necessary.

Being able to have time to think through your answers without judgment and sit quietly and type those answers in response to any questions that might be asked is priceless. For those who find using the phone and talking to anyone something that creates stress and anxiety, a chat service that can be accessed quietly and discreetly from anywhere can be the perfect solution. It can be accessed at suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/.

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