Music to Spread the Message of Recovery

Creating Music to Spread the Message of Recovery

Many people are keen to spread the message of recovery from mental illness around the world. It’s a hard road to take, but one that is crucial for overall well-being and a happy life. Also, the more people who understand that it is possible, the better. There might be people who assume nothing can be done for them and that they will live the rest of their lives in despair — they might even take their lives as a result.

Knowing that recovery is out there and that it is something everyone can take part in is so important. Music is one of the exciting ways that this message can be spread. Read on to find out why this method works so well at getting the message out there.

Write Out Feelings

It is not easy for anyone to comfortably talk about their feelings, and when you have a mental illness this can be even harder. Not only is the condition itself a complicated one, but it can be difficult to work out exactly how to explain the issues you are suffering from without making other people afraid of you and what you are going through.

With music, you can write out your feelings much more easily. Performers have found throughout the centuries that it is simpler to tell a story through music — especially if someone else is going to perform the song — than it is to speak out. There is a layer of protection, it seems, that music offers.

Accessible to All

Music is something that everyone who can hear is able to access. Therefore, no matter who you want to tell about the message of recovery, music is the way to do it. Not everyone is going to listen to you speak, or read a blog you write, or even a book. However, they will more than likely listen to your music.

Also, music can be shared easily and your message can therefore be heard by more people than almost any other medium. People will hear it and pass the message on to their friends without even realizing the help they are offering to other people.


Music can also be a very personal thing. If someone loves a song because they feel the words speak to them, they will listen to it and possibly even try to live by the message. If those words happen to be about how there is a way to recover from mental illness, and perhaps even explains how it can be done and the route to take, then who knows how many people could be saved?

Also, if you are suffering from mental illness and you hear a song that says what you wish you could say, but can’t, then you can ask your friends and family to listen to it, and tell them that this is how you are feeling. It’s a good way to spread the message to many people, near and far. 

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