Is Getting Cheated On Traumatic?

Many people will know someone who has been cheated on, and, unfortunately, some of us may even be that person. We can all react to such an event in different ways and, if you’ve been cheated on before, then you’ll know that there’s no one way to respond. Relationships are all entirely different, but dealing with the grief that comes with being cheated on is never a straightforward process.

Many people naturally will find this to be a traumatic event in their lives. If you have been cheated on by a partner, then you may experience trauma, numbness, and even hopelessness.

Below you’ll find a list of resultant feelings and how best to understand how to respond and process your feelings. It’s important to remember that if you’re really struggling with the traumatic repercussions of being cheated on, then do not hesitate to seek support as soon as you’re able to.

Re-experiencing the trauma

You may find that you replay the painful realization of your betrayal in your mind, and although this is entirely normal, it’s crucial to resist the urge to blame the betrayal on yourself and wind yourself up about previous events. At this time, it’s important to allow yourself to grieve the loss of a relationship, but also to accept what’s happened and attempt to move on.

Emotional numbness

After the initial shock of discovering that you’ve been cheated on, you may experience feelings of despair and rage, and you may then go on to find yourself in a state of emotional hollowness. Remember that all of these stages of grief and trauma are valid, and you must not feel ashamed for having perfectly natural emotional responses. Some people report feelings of emptiness, and can even withdraw from friends and family members.

Trust issues

You may find that you develop significant trust issues if you are trying to foster relationships going forward after being cheated on. You will be affected when the person you love and trust more than anyone else then betrays you, however that was their decision to do so. Ultimately, they are the one who has made the mistake, not you.


You could find that you’re struggling with the belief that your world won’t ever be the same again. You may also feel that happiness will be out of your reach, and that you’ll never love anyone again.

Yet, it’s necessary to understand that the feelings of hopelessness will eventually alleviate. Now is a time for healing, and to take care of yourself. Take part in new activities, try to make new friends, and resist the urge to meet someone else as quickly as you can as rebound relationships are rarely the best option.

Disorientation and unstable emotions

 Being cheated on can result in you experiencing PTSD, and especially so if the circumstances of the betrayal were particularly traumatic. You may feel disoriented, as your brain becomes overwhelmed with processing emotions.

Your emotions will be at their strongest right after the initial trigger or stressor, but they will dissipate as time goes on. These feelings can be managed and finding a healthy way to do so will help to resolve the disorientation.

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