Help for Veterans with PTSD

Post traumatic stress disorder is a common mental health issue for veterans that have witnessed or been involved in traumatic events or life threatening events while in military service. 

Although treatment and support for those with PTSD have only just started to be accepted and expanded upon, there are many options that veterans can consider if they believe that they need help for their mental health. Read on for more detailed information on the type of help that is available for PTSD veterans, including alternative treatments such as SGB injections.

What help can you get for PTSD?

The first port of call should be a doctor or treatment specialist, who can help you to discuss your symptoms, diagnose the strain of your condition, and find the right treatment. For instance, if you believe that a specific treatment is worthwhile, such as SGB for PTSD, you should contact the clinic in question to book an appointment and discuss the procedure.

When you are waiting for the right treatment, there are also many crisis lines and call center hotlines if you are seeking immediate help for sudden deteriorating mental health. There are many services, such as the National Center for PTSD and the US Department of Veteran Affairs which can help you find educational resources and support.

PTSD Treatments for Veterans

Traditional treatments for PTSD include cognitive-behavioral therapy, which can help to transform your thought cycles, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, which can help to stop panic at certain triggers. You may also be able to get medicine such as anti-depressants if you have other mental health conditions.

However, you should also seek alternative treatments such as the SGB injection for PTSD. This PTSD injection treatment uses an anesthetic needle to reduce the ‘fight or flight’ instinct in the brain and restore your body’s ability to react to panic. This has had a number of successful trials and clinics that specialize in the treatment. If you are interested in the SGB injection to treat PTSD, you should contact an SGB doctor or clinic directly for more information and to book an appointment.

You can also conduct self-help exercises alongside this, such as exercise, and volunteering or helping within the community as a way of acclimatizing to civilian life. 

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