How Can I Get an SGB Injection in Florida?

The stellate ganglion block injection for anxiety (SGB) has been used for decades to alleviate the pain associated with various medical conditions affecting the neck, head, and arms. Recent research suggests that SGB can also be an effective form of anxiety relief and a way to treat the symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Sadly, many people develop PTSD following a traumatic life event. The people who are most at risk of developing the disorder include veterans, first responders, and victims of sexual assault. The effects of PTSD can be extremely debilitating and have a dramatic impact on a person’s quality of life.

Luckily, the SGB injection for anxiety is often highly effective in treating the symptoms of PTSD and overcoming anxiety. This allows people with the condition to continue living a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. On that note, here are the key points you should know about SGB injections for anxiety therapy and PTSD relief.

What is an SGB injection?

During the procedure, a professionally trained medical physician uses an X-ray or ultrasound equipment to guide a needle into the sympathetic nervous system, which is found near the base of the neck. An anesthetic agent is injected into the nerve tissue by the SGB doctor, similar to the local anesthetic injected by dentists before a dental procedure such as a filling or root canal treatment. In most cases, the injection is applied above the collarbone on the right side of the neck.

What are the benefits of SGB treatment?

There is substantial evidence to suggest that SGB injections can be highly effective in treating the symptoms of PTSD. Symptoms include nightmares, uncontrollable flashbacks, heightened reactions, depression, and anxiety. It is believed that the SGB shot for anxiety works by rebooting the brain’s ‘flight or fight’ mechanism and returning the nervous system to normal levels. This helps PTSD sufferers to cope with traumatic memories more healthily and enables people with the condition to enjoy a calmer and less anxious mindset.

Research shows that stellate ganglion block anxiety injections can effectively relieve the effects of PTSD in 80-90% of cases, compared to an average success rate of 20-30% with other PTSD therapies. Another great benefit of SGB anxiety attack treatment is that the procedure can usually be carried out in as little as 15 minutes and the results are often felt within 30 minutes. Patients often have relief from PTSD symptoms for several months or even years following SGB treatment.

How can I get an SBG injection?

Many people with PTSD are now choosing SGB injections as an alternative to conventional treatments and therapies. You can find registered clinics in Florida that offer the SGB injection near you by searching online. You can also contact our friendly advisors to learn more about the treatments available in your local area.


Many people who have found conventional PTSD treatments to be ineffective are looking towards SGB injections. There is no guarantee that SGB will work for everyone with PTSD, but there is substantial evidence to suggest that SGB injections are more effective than traditional treatments. Fortunately, SGB injections are now widely available, meaning that anyone can benefit from the treatment. Contact a professional SGB provider to learn more about this PTSD breakthrough injection treatment and to discuss local treatment facilities offering the procedure.

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