Essential Oils for PTSD

Using Essential Oils for PTSD

PTSD is a lot more common than you might think – perhaps as many as five percent of Americans suffer from this mental health condition. If that doesn’t sound like a large figure, remember that it equates to around 13 million people.

Recently, the condition of PTSD has been becoming something people are more aware of because many of the members of the military are coming home from combat zones and developing the condition. However, although this has brought the illness to the world’s attention, anyone can develop it, and it can be triggered by any kind of traumatic event such as an assault or accident, losing a loved one, abuse, or childhood trauma.

There are a number of different ways people who have PTSD choose to deal with it. The first step is getting help – that’s crucial. Yet how you control your illness after that will be your choice. Some people feel that essential oils can truly help their condition and make them feel better.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils come from bark, leaves, plant roots, or flowers and so on. They are the natural extracts from these natural elements. Studies are always ongoing to determine just what it is about essential oils that make them work so well, but what we do know is that they can positively help with relieving stress, anxiety, inflammation, pain, and many of the symptoms associated with PTSD.

There are literally hundreds of different essential oils and they are all used for a variety of different things. However, there are a small number that are seen as particularly beneficial to those with PTSD.


Lavender, apart from smelling gorgeous, is known to kill pathogens that might be in the air. That means that your airways will be clearer if you have lavender around you. It can also combat depression and anxiety, and it will even help those who are having problems sleeping, all of which can come about due to PTSD.


When breathed in, rose can reduce feelings of anxiety. Put a few drops on a tissue or cloth and keep it with you. If you start to feel panicked in any situation, breathe in the scent of the rose and you will feel calmer. People use rose to treat shock, panic attacks, and grief. 


Chamomile has long been known to have a calming effect, and so is often used to treat generalized worry and anxiety as well as depression and mood swings. It will generally give you a feeling of contentment and peace, and enable you to relax more.

What’s particularly helpful about chamomile is that it is so versatile. Unlike some essential oils, which are literally just that – an oil – chamomile can be used in very many ways. You might take a chamomile bath or drink chamomile tea. It can be used in candles and lotions and can be helpful in all areas of your life.


When you suffer from stress, your body will become inflamed and your immune system will be negatively affected. Orange essential oils have been shown to reduce stress. Again, it is another oil that has a calming effect. When your stress levels are lowered, you are able to think more clearly. 

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