Entrepreneur Anxiety Therapy: The SGB Injection

There is a lot at stake when you start your own business. You are starting something entirely new, putting your financial security on the line. You are going after your dream and succeeding. You are at the top of your game and have finally “made it.”

Unfortunately, the reality of starting a business is not that simple. It can take months, even years, to get enough sales, subscriptions, or hires to break even, much less make a big enough profit that you can start living large.

Most new businesses won’t last beyond their second birthday, and not only does this mean financial hardship for the owner, but there is also a concomitant feeling of failure that absolutely terrifies many people.

It’s no wonder, then, that entrepreneurs are consistently more stressed than employed workers. Between the stress of running a business that just won’t seem to get off the ground, the lack of emotional or mental health support, and the dread of failure, anxiety for entrepreneurs is at an all-time high.

That stress can even exhibit in deadly ways, with new business owners committing suicide, turning to vices, or developing very serious mental illnesses related to their anxiety. Some entrepreneurs who have made it will still feel the scars from their startup years and exhibit some PTSD symptoms that they absolutely need help from medical professionals to overcome.

How Can SGB Injections Help Entrepreneur Anxiety?

SGB injections were initially designed to help those with chronic pain before researchers realized the potential that the treatment had for those experiencing PTSD. The US Army itself has even invested in the treatment, and currently, a mass study is being conducted on how effective the PTSD breakthrough injection is for traumatized military personnel.

The reasons why the SGB injection for anxiety attack treatment works to reduce PTSD symptoms is the same reason why they will work for those who are trying to overcome anxiety. Some entrepreneurs are unable to relax or shake off the fear of failure and sense of foreboding even after they have objectively “made it.” This is because of how traumatic their first years starting out were. The pain and trauma are relieved mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It can be hard to recover emotionally and mentally when there are physical barriers to the healing process. This is what the SGB injection focusses on.

The years of anxiety and stress stimulate the amygdala, your fight-or-flight center. This often leads to an overgrowth in the nerves. The amygdala is located in the stellate ganglion, a bundle of nerves at the base of the neck. The overstimulation of these nerves, as well as an adrenaline hormone flooding the area, can make it difficult to properly relax even long after the initial stressor is gone.

SGB injections work to calm the nerves so that they can reset and reboot, so to speak. You should be able to feel a revert back to the way you were before chronic stress and anxiety beat you down. This isn’t a cure-all, of course. It just reduces the physical challenges to overcoming chronic anxieties so that therapies like CBT and one-on-one therapy can be more effective.

How Effective is SGB?

The stellate ganglion block injection for anxiety relief has improved massively over the years. Initially, it was only effective in 40% of cases; with more research, that rate of effectiveness improved to 70% to 75% of cases. Today, treatment is very effective, with our SGB shot for anxiety boasting a success rate in 85% to 95% of patients.

There are some side effects, but most of these only last a few hours. There may be pain in the first few hours, drooping of the eyelids, and other minor effects that typically go away by the end of the day.

The effectiveness of SGB for anxiety has been so promising that the US military invested $2 million in a placebo control study. Studies that have looked into the benefits of SGB have PET scan evidence of the effects of SGB injections, showcasing how effectively the fight or flight center is deactivated and reset thanks to the stellate ganglion block anxiety injection.

Help for Entrepreneur Anxiety

So many entrepreneurs feel anxiety and fear when starting their businesses. You need to address these fears and work to promote and maintain your mental health early on. If you don’t, the issue can compound and can become chronic. If your anxiety has become chronic, then SGB injections can be an effective way to reset your body so that traditional therapies can once again become effective in helping you manage your mental health.

A good businessperson needs to keep a cool head. Anxiety, especially chronic anxiety, can make this task incredibly difficult. Don’t ignore your anxiety or stress levels; they are perfectly valid emotions. Stress and fear come with the territory. The key to your success is knowing how to effectively combat them.

If you’re a small business entrepreneur and have issues with anxiety, give us a call. We have two offices, and you may be able to receive an SGB injection near you.

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