CBD to Treat PTSD

CBD treatment for PTSD

The Natural Benefits of CBD to Treat PTSD

PTSD is experienced by an average of 6% of the population at any point in their life, and you don’t need to be a veteran to experience PTSD. Those who were physically, sexually or mentally abused as a child are more likely to develop PTSD due to their experiences, and similarly, something as common as a car accident could also result in PTSD.

In terms of veterans and those with high-risk jobs, however, the risk is even greater. Twenty percent of veterans who have served in combat experience PTSD, and in 2017 an average of 20 veterans committed suicide every day.

The Potential of CBD Oil for PTSD

CBD oils are a great natural alternative for those suffering from anxiety or depression. The VA recommends CBD for PTSD over opioids for this purpose, as CBD has been proven to:

  1. Reduce pain
  2. Improve mood
  3. Provide a sense of calm
  4. Reduce inflammation

A study back in 2011 concluded the powerful benefits of CBD treatment for PTSD, especially in cases where the anxiety or stress was caused due to a trigger. Therefore, those with PTSD would benefit most from CBD oil, as opposed to those with a generalized anxiety disorder.

Another study in 2015 also determined that CBD oil is most effective when taken within the hour after a triggering event or experience and that it could help diminish the anxiety-causing effects of “predator stress.” It was also found to help reduce the anxiety felt by those whose stress triggers were unpredictable.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes from the extraction of the hemp plant. This same plant is where cannabis is found, but unlike cannabis, which contains the psychoactive ingredient THC, CBD oil does not contain THC, and therefore, will not give you the high associated with smoking cannabis. Instead, it provides several health benefits that have made it a legal alternative to many harsher medications.

What Benefits Are There from CBD Oil?

CBD oil provides many benefits, including:

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties
  2. Antioxidant
  3. Reduces your pain perception
  4. Anti-Anxiety
  5. Antidepressant
How Does CBD Help PTSD?

PTSD can arise due to a variety of different traumatic events. For those who developed PTSD following a terrible accident, it could provide the pain relief and anti-inflammation you need to feel better, as well as help you relax.

For those who have experienced trauma of the mind, i.e., a moment where you felt true fear or were abused, then CBD oil will work to help reduce your anxiety and depression.

What to Remember with CBD Oil Products

It is very important to remember that most CBD oil treatments are not approved by the FDA. Though CBD oil in and of itself is considered to be relatively harmless, there is the worry that many products you buy don’t contain the same amount of CBD as they advertise. In short, the CBD products you buy may not be effective due to the low doses.

Your best chance is to talk with a therapist or doctor to work out a combined prescription that uses CBD oil, therapy and other traditional medications. 

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