What is the Best Treatment for Anxiety?

Anxiety is a debilitating condition that can have a lasting impact on a person’s physical and emotional health. Some of the most common symptoms of anxiety include excessive worrying, stress, depression, fatigue, insomnia, and nausea. In the worst cases, anxiety can leave a person unable to hold down a job or carry out normal daily tasks such as going to the shops or using public transport.

Anxiety is an extremely common mental disorder and anyone with the condition must seek proper treatment. On that note, here are some of the best forms of anxiety therapy.


There is a wide range of medications used for anxiety relief. Antidepressant drugs are frequently used to relieve feelings of anxiety and are often the first medication prescribed to treat anxiety disorders. In some situations, a mild sedative such as benzodiazepine is also prescribed to help relieve the symptoms of anxiety. These medications typically take several weeks to work and you must speak with your doctor to discuss any potential risks or possible side effects.

Make sure that you always take anxiety medication as instructed by your doctor and make them aware of any side effects immediately. Medication can be an effective way to treat anxiety disorders, particularly when used in conjunction with other treatment methods and therapies.


Therapy or psychological counseling is another common treatment for overcoming anxiety. This treatment involves speaking with a professional therapist to help reduce feelings of anxiety. A therapist may also offer specialist treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This involves learning a series of skills to help a person deal with feelings of anxiety and stressful situations more calmly and healthily. Someone with anxiety can also choose to attend group therapy sessions or seek support online with a trained anxiety specialist.

Stellate Ganglion Block Injection for Anxiety (SGB)

The stellate ganglion block anxiety injection is a treatment option that has recently seen more use. Research has shown that the SGB shot for anxiety has relieved the symptoms of anxiety in 80-90% of cases. The SGB injection is performed by a medical physician with the help of an ultrasound machine or an X-ray. A needle is introduced on the right side of the neck above the collarbone by the SGB doctor. Once the treatment is performed, results can show in as little as 30 minutes.

The way the SGB injection for anxiety works is that it performs a sort of “reboot” of the brain’s fight-or-flight system. It’s this mechanism that is responsible for triggering anxiety attacks. Using SGB for anxiety attack treatment is safe and can have long-lasting results.


The majority of people with anxiety disorders need professional treatment in the form of medication or therapy to help them manage the symptoms. However, lifestyle challenges can also be an effective way to manage feelings of anxiety, especially for people with mild symptoms. Here are some common ways to self-manage anxiety and reduce the effects of the condition:

  • Maintain an active lifestyle and exercise several times a week.
  • Follow a consistent sleep pattern and try to get the recommended amount of sleep.
  • Eat a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Try relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga.
  • Avoid substances such as alcohol, caffeine, and recreational drugs.


Anxiety is a serious mental health condition that affects most people at some point in time. Luckily, there are various treatments available to help people cope with the symptoms of anxiety and take back control of their lives.

There is no magic cure for anxiety and people respond differently to various treatments. You must be open and honest about your feelings and seek the support you need to manage anxiety symptoms effectively. Try the above treatment methods to help reduce your anxiety levels and lead a calmer and more relaxing lifestyle.

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