Benefits of Group Therapy for PTSD

Benefits of Group Therapy for PTSD

If you have post traumatic stress disorder, you may have been told about PTSD stress classes or group therapy. Of course, this isn’t for everyone, especially if you have social anxiety and other mental health issues that can make it difficult to be in a group setting for long periods, but if you can join in with a group session like this, it could benefit you hugely. Here are some of the reasons why.


One of the biggest benefits of PTSD group therapy is validation. When you are in a support group with several other people who are all going through the same thing and who all have the same struggles in their lives, you will realize that you’re not the only one living with PTSD – you will realize that your condition is a real one that other people have to deal with. 

This is hugely positive and can be the first step in you getting the help you need since you will understand that you are not ‘wasting’ anyone’s time and that what you are feeling is completely real.

Understanding PTSD

Although it may sound strange, it can be hard for someone who has PTSD to understand exactly what PTSD is. By looking at it from the outside, the condition can be made much clearer. You will also be able to see your own behavior within other people, and this can be an ideal way to take a step back and see yourself through someone else’s eyes.

Why is this important? Remember that although you are the person who is suffering from PTSD, your friends and family – in fact, anyone you come into contact with – will need to deal with it too because of the way it makes you behave and think. It’s good to see this to get a better understanding of the overall condition.

Learn from Others

Part of the reason for attending PTSD group therapy near you is to learn from others. So not only can you see your own condition reflected back at you as mentioned above, but you can also listen to stories that people have about how have learned to deal with their own conditions – you might even hear some ideas that you haven’t heard before and that could help you too.

Working in a group means you can find new ways of coping, of understanding your condition, and even of helping others. After all, you have a story to tell of your own experience with PTSD and by expressing this in a group setting you might (even if you don’t know it) help someone else out of a dark place, or give them something new to think about concerning their own condition.

Better Interactions

Finally, a group setting can be useful just because it means you are around people. It’s not easy for those with PTSD to be with many people a lot of the time, and working on this issue by going to a safe place with people who completely understand exactly what you are going through can be a wonderful first step to getting better as group situations; this can open up your world in a big way. 

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