Anxiety Attack Help at PTSD Group

Have you ever experienced moments of anxiety in your life? Perhaps you have and weren’t aware that you were having an anxiety attack. Some key symptoms include, but certainly are not limited to, high heart rate, brain fog, tight chest, and an overwhelming feeling of fear. In fact, many people compare the feeling of having an extreme anxiety attack to that of having a heart attack.

Panic attacks can be incredibly terrifying, especially if you don’t know that you are having one. However, they are manageable with the right help from a qualified professional. Here are a few ways you can get the help you need to receive anxiety therapy from PTSD Group. This includes a PTSD breakthrough injection that has become a go-to anxiety attack treatment.

What Are Anxiety Attacks?

The first step to overcoming anxiety is to understand why they are happening and what is behind your anxiety in the first place. Anxiety attacks generally happen when stress and anxiety levels reach such a level as to result in physical symptoms as well as emotional ones. Feelings of panic trigger the release of norepinephrine and adrenaline in the body. These chemicals cause the “fight or flight” mechanism in the brain to be activated.

At this point, an individual is experiencing an anxiety or panic attack. This is when physical symptoms such as a pounding heart and numbness in the arms and legs start to take over. Anxiety attacks are so miserable that many people who have had them do all that they can to avoid anything that might trigger one. This, of course, leads to a sheltered and lonely existence.

Without taking the proper measures to manage your anxiety, it can progress into a more serious mental health condition. The approach that you take to treat your anxiety will be completely dependent on your personal circumstances and the root causes of your condition. The thing that you should always do if you feel that you have a mental health condition is to seek an official diagnosis from a healthcare professional.

PTSD Group offers several types of treatment for anxiety and PTSD. With the right diagnosis, you can receive effective treatment from us for your anxiety. Here are a few forms of treatment that are offered by us that you might consider.

Treatment Options

Many people suffering from anxiety attacks benefit greatly from CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a form of therapy that helps the patient learn practical methods of mentally coping with their anxiety. Aside from CBT and similar counseling-related treatments, there are also some other procedural treatments that can lead to relief from your anxiety symptoms. The most effective procedure is known as stellate ganglion block anxiety treatment.

An SGB injection – or a stellate ganglion block injection for anxiety relief – is a procedure that was primarily developed as a method for treating chronic pain. Today, the effectiveness of using SGB for anxiety related to PTSD is becoming more and more apparent to experts.

When a person has PTSD, their body has grown an additional number of stellate ganglion nerves. Once triggered, these nerves instigate the “fight or flight” reaction in the body. By using a local anesthetic injected directly onto these nerves, the tendency to go into a panic when the situation doesn’t really warrant it can be drastically reduced. The SGB injection anxiety treatment offers relief in about 30 minutes and can last for years.

At PTSD Group, we can find out if you might be a candidate for this SGB shot for anxiety. If so, we give you the convenience of having an SGB injection near you.

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