The PTSD Injection: A PTSD Treatment

Doctors preparing an injection for PTSD

The treatment of PTSD has a very poor track record. Almost all available “treatment” options fail to actually treat the symptoms effectively. Patients are left feeling hopeless, downtrodden, and stuck in a world of perpetual negativity. PTSD destroys many lives, including the individuals’ support systems, comprised of family members, friends, and co-workers (if these individuals could function well enough to maintain employment). Within due time, many victims succumb to the inevitable:suicide. To these people, there is no foreseeable light at the end of the tunnel. They cannot continue to cope with their current situation. We are left asking ourselves, “what else could have been done to save these people?!” Well…what if I told you that there is one specific treatment option out there that could help prevent suicide, improve their lives, and bring them back to a pre-trauma state? This treatment has been demonstrated to have an approximately 80% success rate. There are no pills, hallucinogenic medications, or talk therapy needed. What on planet Earth could I be talking about?!

Let me present to you a better way to treat PTSD: “The PTSD Injection,” aka ‘the Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB)’.

The PTSD breakthrough injection/SGB is one small and quick injection placed at a very specific location on the side of the neck. It works almost immediately and the effects are typically sustainable. After the SGB injection for PTSD, most patients substantially lower their dosage and frequency of psychiatric medications related to PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Most patients feel that they do not need nearly as many pills or psychological therapy. 

After the stellate ganglion block for PTSD, these people feel more energized, have a more positive outlook on life, and are much more receptive to amending their broken relationships. So…to you, the reader of this article, I bet this all seems a little far fetched and perhaps even impossible, right?! Well, that’s exactly what I thought before actually doing these procedures for the indication of PTSD. 

As a double board certified pain management/ physical medicine & rehabilitation physician, I have been doing the stellate ganglion block for years; however, my first experience was for treating patients with a chronic pain condition called “complex regional pain syndrome”. Over a decade ago, an individual with complex regional pain syndrome and PTSD who underwent the stellate ganglion block had resolution of both conditions! 

Another indication for the SGB was born! My involvement in treating patients with PTSD arose when I was asked to help treat a doctor friend’s cousin who suffered major physical, emotional, and psychological trauma in a horrible car accident. Before the accident, he was generally happy, had a great relationship with his girlfriend, and was very driven and focused on his career. After the accident, he was never the same person. He had extreme anxiety while driving/riding in a car, difficulty concentrating on simple tasks, problems with interpersonal relationships, especially with his girlfriend, and he was unable to work more than a sporadic part time gig. 

He could not stop thinking about the accident and emotionally reacting to it. Therapy and medications did not work to help his situation. He resorted to illicit substances to numb the pain. His life was falling apart. He needed help. After doing my due diligence, there appeared to be solid evidence for the PTSD injection to work, or at least not have any negative side effects. I agreed to do the injection. What was the patient going to lose?

A sign of a successful SGB injection procedure.

Long story short, I performed the injection. It was quick and painless, as per the patient. His anxiety was gone instantly. It was astonishing and cathartic. He has now stopped using psychiatric medications, drives/rides in a car without an issue, has regained a great relationship with his girlfriend, works more hours, and stopped using illicit substances to cope with the painful memories. While the memory of the crash is still there, the associated emotional overreaction and anxiety is gone. Suffice to say, I was hooked. I was all in on making the SGB an available PTSD injection treatment option to anyone wishing to get better from PTSD. PTSD is extremely under-diagnosed. It extends beyond active duty groups which are highly popularized such as military veterans, police officers, firefighters, and first responders. Many people affected by physical, psychological, and emotional abuse, as well as those exposed to terrorism, natural disasters, and motor vehicle accidents are also greatly affected by PTSD. Many individuals are living difficult lives without ever having been diagnosed with PTSD and/or are being treated for related conditions like depression, anxiety, and drug/alcohol addiction/dependency. “PTSD Group” is a medical group I started that exclusively treats patients suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. We offer the SGB as our primary treatment modality. People from all over the country come to partake in this treatment.

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