A Guide on How to Calm Anxiety

Everyone gets nervous about important events that they must deal with in life. Whether it’s a job interview, a big exam, meeting new people, traveling, or anything else, this kind of nervousness is normal. However, when the anxious thoughts and fear overtake everything else in your life, and you can’t function, hold down a job, or have good relationships, then you might be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Whichever it is, knowing how to calm down anxiety is important. It will make important events much easier to enjoy, and if you do have an anxiety disorder, then it will help you to take charge of what is happening until you can seek expert advice. Here are some useful ways to calm your anxiety if you are suffering.

Be Present

When you suffer from anxiety, a lot of the time, you are ‘living’ in the future. This is because you are often worried about things that have not yet happened – things that you are concerned about.

Therefore, when you are beginning to feel anxious, and you need to reduce stress, try to be in the present moment. Ask yourself what is happening around you at that moment; focus on something nearby and think about every detail of it, from top to bottom. This will ground you and calm you, and you won’t be thinking of anything in the future that might otherwise cause you anxiety.

Reassess Your Thoughts

When you have anxiety, you will worry about the worst-case scenario of every situation. If you have a presentation to give, for example, you might assume you are going to do badly and that it is going to go wrong. If you have an exam, you might tell yourself that you are going to fail it.

Instead of telling yourself these things, reassess what you are thinking and change your thoughts. Remind yourself that although you are nervous, you are also well prepared, and there is no reason for anything to go wrong. Retraining your mind to think of the positive rather than of negative thoughts will help with your anxiety symptoms.

Deep Breathing Exercise for Anxiety

Deep breathing is another great way to reduce anxiety. There are specific breathing exercises you can learn if you find that this is useful, but you can also breathe deeply without any rules to follow (which may ease your anxiety even more if you are getting tense about doing your breathing right).

All you need to do is to inhale and exhale deeply, focusing on your breathing. You will be able to slow down and center yourself. 

Do Anything

If you are starting to feel anxious about what you are doing or thinking about, move away from it. Stand up and walk, go outside, switch on the TV, turn off the social media channel you are using, put your work away until later.

Essentially, you can take any action that will disrupt your current thinking, even if it’s just standing up or looking out of the window.

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